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    Shattered Sun Rep Farm


    due to it not beeing mentioned in the guide, here is another way of also increasing your REP pretty fast.

    1. Do the terrace of the magister on HC (1 per day) -> About 2.1k Rep for the Shattered Sun run
    2. Do the terrace of the magister on NHC (10 per hour) -> About 1.7k Rep for the Shattered Sun per run

    A run with my speed gear took me about 2:30 with looting everything possible (3:10 with the annoying RP of Kael'thas) so that means in like 30 minutes of NHC you get about 17k Rep.


    PS: Would be nice if you guys could add this to the guide, so people that are not aware of that are also doing it this way which saves alot of time.

    Edit : Just tried, YES! you can farm with that method all the way up to EXALTED !
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