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    February 8th, 2016
    I mean, i understand both sides but there is a realy nice feature in your guide viewer called "show step travel directions". So before the latest updates there were some steps listed to guide you around obstacles and reach your destination and with this option on you saw those steps.But if you clicked the last travel direction shown you got a waypoint arrow like it is now -> straight to your destination and freedom to roam arround.

    So maybe you could add an option where you always jump to the last travel direction and with that feature you could serve both sides. Of course you can't always deliver perfect routes but it would definitly solve the problem with that unnecessary extra distance some complained here.

    Love your work, keep it up.

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    July 26th, 2013
    But if I want to free roam why use the guide? Why even buy the guide? The game already points the general direction? I use the guide in order to avoid obstacles and find the quest easily and quickly. It seemed to work pretty well in Legion.
    And I do love all other aspects of Zygor. Thanks

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