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    Extreme Stuttering Freezing.

    This issue is still happening. It happens every time I have a path loaded and hearth or walk into the seal and it has to recalculate the route. It is so bad for me that I drop to zero FPS as soon as I hearth into or walk into the seal will stay that way anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds will unfreeze for about 1 second and rinse and repeat. I tried doing a /zygor debug but its quite difficult to get it when I only have 1 second or so every 10 or so seconds to make the game function. Once this occurs the only thing I am able to do is shut the game down and then from char select screen disable zygor load character and then leave the Seal and then re-enable the addon. I have run into this issue with a fresh install into a clean wow install and also with other addons nothing seems to make a difference. Also I have saw in other posts that by disabling the Use Travel System helps it also will work for me if I am able to get it unchecked and do a reload I can proceed with out having to exit.

    This is most extreme in the seal but I have also noticed some other minor stuttering in other areas while following the 110-120 quest guides but normally at those points a simple /reload works and clears it up.

    My temporary work around has been to disable the addon before hearth stoning to the Seal if I remember to do so or make sure I do not have a guide loaded that has a current travel path.

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    If you wanted to do the debug you can turn that on before entering the seal and then just provide the debug lines that show up when you're in the seal and it's lagging for you.
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