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    Question Leatherworking Guide BFA

    Searched the forums but did not find anything on this, but might have missed it somewhere.

    Leveling up leather working and was on step 12 to create 95 Hardened Tempest Hide to reach lvl 145. Then noticed that it was not lvl'ing up past 71...hardend tempest hide had greyed out.

    Did a search on the internet and found WOW Professions they suggest to make Coarse Leather Barding by that lvl at 70. So don't know if wow changed it in a update or what. Gonna follow guide for now for leather working lvl'ing.

    Just wanted let you guys know/or maybe you do just saying. Any way love the guides soooo very much! Keeps me from running around in circles lol. Thank you so much for your guide and the work that you do!


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    We'll check into that to get it fixed.
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