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    Ant trails in BfA Dungeons

    One of my favorite Zygor features are the ant trails on the dungeon maps that tell me where to go. These were added during Legion when Blizzard added a restriction to addons in instances to prevent them from knowing your location.

    The ant trails appear to still work in Legion dungeons, and also in the MoP timewalking dungeons. However, there doesn't appear to be anything for BfA dungeons or Uldir. There are some boss tips, but that's it.

    I know you guys just worked a lot of hours on the gear system overhaul, but are there any plans to improve the quality and functionality of the dungeon guides?

    Specifically, any help navigating Waycrest Manor would be much appreciated

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    I'll talk to the content guys to see if we can get something added for the instances to help with navigation.
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