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    Siming all class's and spec's, holy molly.

    Hi zygor, is there an easyere way to ajust the gear assessments than simming them your self.
    Right now im using Pawn and simcraft.
    And that is anoing, Sim, think, evalulate, rethink spec.For every piece of loot, not thinking of azerite armor.
    I know its a long stretch from you, to get close to BIS LFR items or better.
    But the way your gear ascesments is atm, really sucks.
    Ex. Exchange 1 ilvl 320 item (same azerite )+1 socket.
    with 1 ilvl 330 item no socket, or even 370. can be bad.
    that socket is worth +40 main/sec stat. or more.
    Tested during raid last night, Raid team not to happy, but shifting that 1 item.
    And i lost 2,5k dps, SHOCK.
    Guess I should have known better :P "Anni lennox ref."
    The question is ?
    how do we, get this added to the guide?

    Right now im simming my char, everyday, to see what I can use and finde.
    Its rather tedious.
    Pardon my pour English.

    Long time consumer
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    If you are trying to get the best raiding gear you can then simming is the best answer. You can import the sim Pawn strings into the guide viewer but you'll still want to sim often.
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