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    Angry Mining guide only for the alliance?

    I have been a supporter of Zygor guides for very long now, I use to buy the guides when we had to pay for each guide as it came out and I now thought I will try your subscription guide as I want to farm ore.

    Problem is it seems that this guides are set just for alliance players, as with some guides and now the BFA ore guides you only have routes in the alliance side of the islands.

    If there is a setting to let the guide know I am not some Alliance scumbag please let me know where because Horde is the only faction worth playing and if your mining guide only caters for alliance I see no reason why I should even continue as I know there are ore routes in the horde island side as well.

    Please let me know if the gnome that you have used as your Zygor mascot for years means the guides is alliance orientated and us Hordies must lack behind, because if that is the case please bring back the option to buy just the horde leveling guides because then I dont need all the other crap guides that keeps thinking I am alliance even if I am a horde character.

    (and yes I have the latest version)

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    Right now there is just the one zone for the different profession routes. And it's not all Alliance side stuff, most of the Alliance herbalism & skinning routes are in the Horde zones. This was done to reduce the amount of time initially spent on the profession guides to allow more time for other guides. Right now we're trying to get all of the missing BfA guides finished and released and after that's done then we'll be able to go back over things like the profession routes.
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    I have the same concern over this bias in the farming guides. I understand the development time to provide additional routes, but now over a year after this OP would this get more attention?

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