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    Zygor is becoming dangerous on the System

    Quitting now has become an "Always use Alt-F4, or Force Close/End Task" to leave WoW, otherwise, I'll get a 400 gigabyte Zygor Guides tmp file. Its becoming even problematic for playing the game. Its worthwhile noting that I'm levelling in Legion.

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    Crashing or exiting the game how you described will cause the bloated temp file.
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    Imper1um, we'd very much like to look at such a freakishly huge file. It's definitely not "our fault" per se, as we don't store such amounts of data, it's most likely a circular reference which WoW itself should've prevented (or at least handled gracefully in some way) - we can try to devise some additional measures, but only after looking at the file's contents. Can you try to compress the file (using ZIP or 7z) into smaller chunks (like 5 or 10 MB each) and email the first one to us? It should contain enough of the file for us to take a look.

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