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    Ashzara 10-60 Step 149 Talk to Bilgewater Rocket Jockey No Arrow

    No such guy

    After I swam/ran there -flight path is called Nothern Rocketway no Bitter Reaches
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    I think I see what caused the arrow to not work for that. We'll also double check that flight path name.
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    Step 149 no arrow to Bilgewater Rocket-Jockey. No idea were to go from here. stuck. There's no step telling me to go to the flightpath after I spoke to Uncle Bedlam and turned in Shore Leave.

    My guess is to go down to the flightpath, fly back to Southern Rocketway and talk to the Jockey there....

    plz fix this guys. ty

    edit: same thing between step 215 and 216... no steps between the 2....
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