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    Gear Advisor Scales - Weapon DPS

    I have been playing a bit around with the Gear Advisor rating-scales.

    I have noticed than none of your default scales included weapon dps (as far as I could tell). I think that's important to melee dps or hunters.

    I tried importing some scales from e.g. Askmrrobot or Icy Veins. Then I noticed that some scale-values were not even supported like, max/min dps or off-hand dps.

    I wonder if we could have support for those and/or if your default scales could be updated with weapon dps?

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    October 24th, 2008
    We do not have dps as part of our normal stats mainly because our stats are based on the solo questing aspect of the game and dps stuff is really only needed for min/maxing at end game for raids. We do have a setting for dps value already available in the item scoring which will be seen when you import with a Pawn string. We will look at the possibility of adding in support for other stats.
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