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    Revert change to World Quest Planner staying in same zone

    Please revert the change for the World Quest Planner staying in the same zone. I do understand that the previous method was taking you out of each zone occasionally, but it was at least somewhat optimized. Sure, there were a few WQ's left at the end that send you around all 3 zones on the continent to finish up, but it felt like a lot less travel than I am doing now.

    I ask politely, please give us the option, like a simple enable/disable button, to use the "stay in the same zone" algorithm or "smart-ish" algorithm that it was using previously.

    The ideal algorithm would probably go something like "closest to your current coords while factoring in if you have to take flight paths or not". Im assuming the previous version was loosely based on this, but it felt so much better than the current.

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    We will add an option for this in the next guide update. Thanks for the feedback!
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