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    Suggested Guides.


    I love the guides and it is nearly 100% to my liking but I always had one gripe with the addon, although it may have changed during my wow break.

    The suggested guide section seemed to continue to suggest certain guides even though I already completed them or did not want to do them at that time which ended up filling the section with things I was not interested in.

    Are there any settings, or would it be possible to implement them in the future, to remove guides from the section to be replaced by another or set preferences? For example maybe we could set the suggested guides to recommend pet/mount guides to inspire us to farm cool stuff, or maybe even prefer guides by how much of that guide is complete? (like if we were 90% the way through the guide it can let us know it wont take long to finish.)


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    There is currently no way to customize what guides are shown in the Suggestions section.
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