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    Hati's Aftermath questline (Horde)

    I could not see the guide for the Hati's Aftermath questline. I searched and found the guide definition in
    ZygorGuidesViewer\Guides\Leveling\ZygorLevelingHor deBFA.lua. It was not showing up under BFA Leveling as it seemed it should. I made the following tweak to the LUA file and I was able to use the guide.

    I found the line:
    condition_visible=function() return not raceclass('Hunter') end,

    I changed the line to (removed the not):

    condition_visible=function() return raceclass('Hunter') end,

    This change allowed me to see and receive directions for the Hati's aftermath questline.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have addressed this issue in the latest update 19902. You should have no problem viewing this guide after the update.

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