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    Update and Previous versions don't see each other

    I got the message the old version of Zygor wasn't supported, so I logged into the web page, downloaded, and installed. It synced, updated guides, no apparent problem. But every day since then when I boot up my computer, I continue to get the message that "This version of Zygor Guides is no longer supported. Please download..." and only two options - download, which brings me here, or exit, which exits the guide. How do I avoid having to manually exit each time, and make sure that the new version is the one that WoW is seeing?

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    Try uninstalling the old client with the following steps and then you can run the new client installer. Should fix it all for you.

    1-a. If you are running Win7 or earlier click the Start button and in the search box type in %appdata%.
    1-b. If you are running Win8 press the Windows Key + R to open the Run command and type in %appdata%.
    1-c. If you are running Win10 right click on the Start button and select Run, then in the Run command window type in %appdata%.
    2. Doing the above will open up the AppData/Roaming folder.
    3. Go into the Zygor Guides Client folder and run the Uninstall.exe program.
    3-a. If you get a message that the uninstall file is corrupted you can get a fresh one that should work from here.
    4. Delete the leftover Zygor Guides Client folder once the uninstall program finishes.
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