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    Missing Portal from Exodar to Darnassus

    Step 97 Asuremyst Isle

    See pic, only stormwind portal is there in Exodar.

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    So for now, I came up with an alternative, take the portal to SW from Exador (given on step 97)

    [ guide freak out mode ]

    Go to the dock in SW (first one on the left) at 24, 56 and take the portal to Darnassus.
    You'll end up on the dock in Teldrassil
    Grab the flight master up the hill

    go into the purple glow to darnassus

    [ guide back to normal here ]

    Hope that helps for anyone doing this quest line. The wizards tower does not have a portal to darn, which is why you need to trek all the way to the dock in SW.

    go up to the temple of the moon's ramp
    Accept the quest then take your choice of quest line

    I just chose to stay there.
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    Thanks for reporting this. I'll get it added to our bug list to be fixed.
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