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    How Reliable

    How reliable is the gear adviser? Is it "Turn on auto equip and let it go" reliable? Or is it "Take it with a grain of salt" reliable? lol. Would be cool to just turn it on auto and not have to worry about what is better when i loot it. Just askin, still been a fan of the guides since the beginning lol
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    It's fairly reliable but you do have to keep in mind that the stat weights we use are for solo questing and might not be the best for min/max at end game raiding. The gear system will accept Pawn strings for importing new stat weights if you want to change them around or you can even change them manually.
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    I have found that the gearing recommendations have been very reliable for years, albeit conservative. If you are looking for click and forget approach then it will work for most all instances. If you are going to min/max gearing then you will need to change the stats to what you specifically are trying to accomplish then you can click and forget, until you change your mind to something else of course! This is still the case even after 11 years of Zygor......
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