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    Most of the Legion guides are just not working that well anymore due to travel and ..

    and artifact changes.

    Esp when you have to do artifact quests it get's very confused and sadly you have to think for yourself :P

    Same goes for travel, tho note that blizz also failed with this, all optional completes for those quests (for example: doing rogue assassination artifact, wants me to go to deadwind pass, it still wants me to go to the Chamber of the Guardian)

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    Are you having a problem with the Alliance or Horde guides? I know that the Horde side guides are all being looked at and re-written to update them.
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    Came here to report this, glad it's being looked at. MANY of the Horde side quests are ... just flat out wrong, including pieces that aren't there, navigation is wonky, etc.

    World Quests are also odd; the Snowfeather Swarm quest, for instance, had me navigating out into the great sea (with an estimated destination range of ~3 miles, lol). The breadcrumb trail just ended there, then reappeared elsewhere on the map from nowhere and indicated somewhere completely unrelated to the quest. Upon actually going to the zone manually it updated properly, but nav is definitely messed up.

    There's also several points (especially in Highmountain) where the guide indicates a step of "go here," but entering the circle does not update the quest to continue navigation.

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