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    Shadowmoon Valley

    Hey what do you know another error! Just finished intro quest line to WoD, now time to build garrison which should be Shadowmoon Valley for Alliance and.. well errors galour. Now before you get your panties in a bunch. I Deleted Zygor from Interface COMPLETELY, went to WTF and deleted any trace of Zygor, reinstalled using the up to date installer and still the same error.

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    I understand. This particular guide is under repair. An update will be released soon to fix these issues. Thank you for your support.

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    I am also experiencing an error in this guide. Step 72 is where I run into a problem. I have alchemy, so it's prompting me to use "Mysterious Flask" and says, "This item was dropped by Karnoth while doing the quest 'Shadows Awaken'".

    According to WoWHead ( there is no NPC named Karnoth that drops the Mysterious Flask, and the highest drop rate possible is 16% from Dorogg the Ruthless for Horde characters.

    Edit: WoWHead has two different pages for the Mysterious Flask, one for Horde and another for Alliance. ( Karnoth has the highest drop rate, but it is only 13% (3,039 drops out of 24,235 kills).
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    You can skip that step and keep going with the guide. While you normally can get the profession items from the named NPC when you fight him, there is a chance for it to drop from pretty much every mob in the zone so you should eventually get it while leveling and then you can come back to this step to do the profession related steps that you have to skip at this point.
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