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    World Quest Planner - Navigation


    I was having an issue last night with the WQ Planner not loading the quests I selected. I posted on Discord and while talking with support I thought I fixed it by unchecking the 'Prioritize current zone world quests in queue' button.

    This morning the same thing happened again and that button wasn't checked. After turning off all my addons and messing around with Zygor settings I noticed that under the Navigation window I had unchecked 'Use Travel System for directions' because I have flying and for me it's un-needed.

    Once I checked this box the WQ Planner started working and loaded up the first quest. Not sure if this is intended or not but wanted to pass this along.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

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    The travel system should be able to detect when you are in the air flying and re-adjust accordingly. Normally that will only entail skipping flight masters but it will still recommend portals and hearthstones as they will still cover greater distances faster than you flying.
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    Yea, I got a bit discombobulated because we haven't been able to fly in this zone and I just couldn't figure out why this function didn't appear to be working. You are right, it is faster to take the suggested routes although for the near future I will avoid those in Nazjatar specifically because of how many rares there are.

    Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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