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    Lightbulb Suggestion: Add Fire Eater's Hearthstone to Navigation System

    Hi folks,

    During the Midsummer Fire Festival (June 21 to July 5) you could get the Fire Eater's Hearthstone. This toy acts like the normal Hearthstone - also shares the cooldown with your normal Hearthstone - but doesn't use one slot in your bags. I destroyed my normal Hearthstone to save that bag slot. When Zygor now suggests to use a heartstone, it only suggests the Dalaran Heartstone or Garrison Hearthstone while my Fire Eater's Hearthstone is not on cooldown.

    So please add the Fire Eater's Hearthstone to your Hearthstone list.

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    Thank you, from what I can see on our end, Fire Eater's Hearthstone has been added. If you continue to have an issue with it, please let us know. Happy gaming!
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