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    Some bugs found - Nazjatar quest line

    Zygor Issues:
    120 Draenei Shaman.
    Guide: Nazjatar initial story questing.

    1. In the cave to get the first fragment to power up heart of Azeroth:
    Guide didn't recognize getting the quest to secure the azurite ruptures and skipped past each location. Did not recognize any quest as having it or completing it until "fisted" out of the cave by Navarogg.

    2. Astral Recall - guide say use it to port to Stormwind. It is set to Mezzamere in Nazjatar at the time (After the cave above).

    3. Guide step 73 - Alliance Nazjatar - Recommendation: Remind player to unclick follower buff to allow quest turn in. Bladesman Irowari doesn't always rejoin his camp.

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    Just to make sure, when you are in game and you open the guide selection window what number do you see at the bottom left?
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