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Thread: All the Quests

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    All the Quests

    In the Zygor online manual, it states this:

    "The Leveling Guide is specifically designed to take you from 1-90 in the fastest time possible."

    Is there a way to perform ALL or most of the quests so that one can experience as much of the quest content as possible INSTEAD of "fastest time possible"? I sometimes would rather take my time, experience as many quests as there are rather than skipping some because they are inefficient for leveling? Not to be confused with a completionist guide for doing everything, I'm just talking about questing only. Is there a guide that takes me through a quest chain that's not built for speed but built for quest exploration?


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    We do not have every quest in the game in the guides. Since there is now zone scaling there really isn't a fast path like before the zone scaling which means you can level just as fast in any of the zones without skipping lots of quests. Previously it would skip a lot of quests simply by monitoring your level and then strategically skipping questing hubs or moving to the next zone skipping a lot of the quests that were in the guides. Now we no longer do that since there is no speed advantage to skipping a questing hub or skipping to the next zone early. This means that you can still level fast and get most of the story content in a zone with what are in the guides. With the current leveling system in the game you would only be skipping zones once you've reached max level for that expansion's content and can no longer gain decent xp by staying in the zones that are no longer scaling with you.
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    For quests that Zygor may be missing, you might try addons Grail +Wholly. They have updates on their github pages that should be updated lil over 2-3 weeks ago (last I checked) . They have lists of all quests in an area and also show you breadcrumbs and prerequisite quests.

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