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Thread: Classic Guide

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    Since the guides were not designed to be speed leveling guides we have not done any timing and do not have any estimated leveling times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZG Support 1 View Post
    There are no plans for dungeon guides at launch. Maybe in the future.
    Allow me to assist you guys with the above quote. I got this post earlier 2day with my google news feed on my android.. this might help you guys alot to get the classic dungeon map preview setup

    LOTS of Intel on the pics

    And Also I havent come across any posts here that pertain to class guides for leveling.. so something else for you guys to look into to get added to Zygors classic guide asap

    Complete with all kinds of good stuffs for you guys to use in zygor..

    BTW I'm still awaiting to know if you guys are going to be able to add an option to move and rescale the dungeon map preview map? It overlays the party list, even in semi transparent mode its difficult to see whats going on, on over 1/2 of the left screen. It needs to have the option to be draggable by mouse and scaled by mouse. I am a returning player and I'm getting back into the raiding and epic dungeon scene.. the map preview is an absolute blessing, just except for what i mentioned...

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    for example on the above mentioned about the map preview..
    This is my current UI. I have a perfect spot for the Map preview.. Bottom Right corner..

    BTW sorry for posting this in the wrong category of the forums..
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