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    I am pleased with the new and improved guide but I did notice some areas were missing such as Westfall.

    I am a completionist so I do aim to eventually complete every quest from every zone, or at least close to it.

    Does Zygor plan to eventually fill in the gaps and offer the option to quest in the excluded zones?

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    We will add standalone zone guides for Westfall and Silverpine Forest, so people can go there optionally.
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    I am having issues this morning.

    I was in the middle of some Westfall quests as a level 14 mage, now the guide won't automatically pick up where I am and what quests are available.
    I'm halfway through 6 quests here, ideally I don't want to drop them. Anyway to sync the guide to find these or shall I just grind these out and hit Darkshore?


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    The westfall stuff was removed from the guides with the update. If you want to finish off those quests that you have you will have to do that on your own for now. We will be getting a standalone westfall guide added in (not sure when) so that the option is there but unfortunately for now there is nothing for westfall.
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