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    58-60 basically has nothing?

    So I bought this guide at level 58 and 75% to help me figure out the last level. 58-59 finishes in silithis but has no quests. This didn't worry me because there was a 59-60 winterspring... until I realized it was 4 steps long???? Am I doing something wrong or can I get a refund? This is just silly...

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    There are a lot of quests in hidden in the guides for Silithus that aren't available in the game yet, unfortunately, and there's no quests to replace that section with. I would recommend loading the guides for level 48-50 and going from there. Since you started using the guide so late, there may be some quests that you didn't do that will help you along. Hope that helps.
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    This is just how it was in 2004.

    Until the Gates of Silithus opened up, late game leveling was a painful grind. In 2004/2005, I had to grind from 58-60 on my first two characters. For my third character and beyond, AQ was introduced along with the Silithus questing hub, and late game leveling became much easier.

    Given the current phase, I find this guide does a fantastic job of getting most quests available in later levels. I have a Level 60 Priest (9 days, 16 hours played at 60) and a Level 59 Druid (currently 7 days played), thanks to this guide.

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