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    Guide not working

    Hi, just subbed and downloaded last week and i can't get the guide to work correctly. my mage was already lvl 40 but the guide is sending me to get quests that are not there and when they are available it is generally the wrong quest. is there any way to reset the guide as i am just going around in circles and it won't let me advance even though i dropped the one's that weren't available.

    For instance i dumped Booty Bay as i wasn't getting anywhere, loaded a new lvl Dustwallow Marsh. it says talk to Draz'Zilb for the quest "Identifying The Brood" but it's not available and i haven't done it before i bought Zygor. then tells me to portal to Orgrimmar so i do, then fly to DustWallow

    Spent hours trying to fix it including re installing and i'm on the verge of just deleting as tbh it's just wasting my time and silver flying about.

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    Getting started in the middle of any questing guide will be a little rough. We recommend you load the guide for about 3 levels below you and start from there. Just skip any steps you can't do and before long you will be in sync with the guides.
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