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    WOW Classic - Horde - Ashenvale (25-27) - Step 36 - Quest Troll Charms.

    The navigation tips from The Zoram Strand FP landing to the cave is incredibly poor, in fact, there is zero navigation to aid the player to get to the cave entrance quickly.

    This is the quest.
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    Alliance guide.

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    Three steps before the step to collect the Troll Charms, that step has travel lines to get you to the Thistlefur area. After that, the Troll Charms step has travel lines to get you from the Thistlefur area into the cave. If you already killed all of the Thistlefur enemies needed out of the order the guide thinks you will be completing quests, the first step with travel lines may have been skipped over. In that case, you can manually go back 3 steps to use the travel lines to reach the area. Hope that helps.
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