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    Mechagon Dailies

    I took a break before Halloween hoping you guys would straighten out Mechagon Dailies, I spoke with you guys before you teamviewed into my pc and seen it wasn't working and i was told you was working on it
    Well its about 2 months later been using the guides since they came out never had this problem before more than a few days after a new expansion

    I accept quests you send me to, click proceed and it pops up some quest i'm not on and gives no directions on any quest, I only have this problem in Mechagon on Dailies quests

    All the guide does is place blue circles on my map no details on where to go or what to do
    I have 5 120s alliance does it on all
    Again only in Mechagon on Dailies

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    Okay, can you please try to open your map, click the Z icon, select "Show World Quest Planner". Then you will want to use your World Quest Planner to select the world quest in Mechagon. This should load the Mechagon Dailies guides for you to complete for rep. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you.

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