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    Barrens 16-21 guide Stuck

    Hi , as above the guide stops at step 127 getting the kudo liver. as soon as u get it , it's getting green and it doesn't move to the next step or skip the quest. Any suggestions ?

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    I had the same problem.
    This Kodo liver is part of a quest call Chen's Keg or something (L24)

    The guide ends with this liver hanging in your bag with no further action.

    I also tried to load Ashenvale (22-22) after that and clean the quests (since I took extras along the way). The add-on deletes all quests and somehow screws up the Ashenvale guide. It asks me to talk to the orc on the tower at like step 11, but the quest is actually not even done yet.
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    When you are unable to move to the next step it means that you've reached the end of the guide. It should have prompted you to load the Stonetalon Mountains 21-22 guide. You can manually load that next guide if you do not get the prompt to do so automatically.
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