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    Sunken Temple Quest guide Needs work

    1. the guidance system to enter the instance is all messed up
    2. Step 35 not all directional alters are listed for the pattern
    3. step 35 says to pick up "Secret of the Circle" from the alter. had to run back to "Marvon Rivetseeker" in tarnaris to pick up
    4 step 46 says to turn in "Zapper Fuel" back at "Liv Rizzlefix" back in Ratchet but you actually have to turn in to "Larion" at marshals refuge in ungoro crater

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    July 8th, 2019
    +1 to this. The Sunken Temple quest guide has plenty of errors.

    Is also missing a location when you're activating the altars for Atal'alarion. The guide says: "Click the South, North, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast." but the order is "South, North, Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast".

    Can we have some traction here? thorh13 reported those issues couple weeks ago.

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