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    Guide slowing me, again.

    I ran the Legion fishing leveling guide, and it told me to go do the Drowned Mana quest in Dalaran. To actually make use of my only purpose for the guide, efficiency, I listen to what it instructs me to do immediately. As I reached that Island where the quest giver is and took the quest the guide told me to hearth, I did. I kept following the instructions until it lead me back to the same Island (which I consumed a Goblin gliding kit to get to), all that instead of just telling me to fish in that lake righter after taking the quest. Why did it tell me to hearth? I want to be efficient and do things quickly because that's why I'm using the guide.
    What's the point of following a guide in an inefficient manner and scrutinizing steps when you can do just that without it.
    And it's not just that. It actually pranked me and slowed me further than if I didn't use it in first place.
    Please, fix.

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    Guide keeps slowing me.

    Ran the Baradin Hold guide just so I get Zygor's travel system. It told me to take the portal in Orgrimmar beside where the Zeppelin was to Undercity, and that's the one that's been known to take me to the new Tirisfal Glades for two years now.

    When I got there it didn't tell me to ask Zidormi for anything, so I figured it doesn't want me to go to Undercity, and Zygor did tell me to fly to Tol Barad as it said "3.6 miles" and the usual arrow, which normally indicates you should walk/fly there by yourself.
    I did, only to find out after all that travel from Orgrimmar that Zygor is pranking me into thinking Tol Barad is not in a different phase and that it can be reached similar to Timeless Isle. But yeah it was a prank.
    I mean I did follow each step, and I ended up dead trying to manage the fatigue and not seeing the Island at all even though I was on top of it and I died and my ghost spawned in Durotar!
    You got me, Zygor.
    You got me.
    What's the deal?
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    Feedback on the continued pranks

    As an Orc I requested the nearest mailbox from Zygor's travel system. I was on Utgarde Keep. I haven't played in Northrend for a long time so I'm not sure which camps are whose. So as I requested help the guide immediately found a mailbox about 660 yards south at Valgarde, and guided me to it, only to be greeted by the level 120 elite alliance NPCs there. They didn't dismount me, fortunately.
    I asked for the nearest mailbox after all, haven't I.. I guess

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