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    Curious about Gold Data tooltip

    Hi guys,

    Under a tooltip for an item, I see Current low price, Suggested sell price, Demand and Status.

    Can you please let me know what above means?

    Current low price: obviously current auction price?
    Suggested sell price: how does this get based off of?
    Demand: where do you get this # from?
    Status: This is the most curious one. How do you base off of when to advise on selling? Because it once said 'Prices are up sell now', but when I looked at historical price for the past 7 days the current price is actually lower. Does it base off of the entire historical prices of the realm or the server?


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    Current low price: The lowest price to obtain said item on the AH as of the last scan for that item.
    Suggested sell price: Based on the current low price compared to the historical average price and historical low price.
    Demand: Our estimated number of units sold per day based on the numbers we see with the hourly scans that we do of the AH API.
    Status: While the AH tools are no longer the same, you can see the status meanings on this page.

    Keep in mind that all of our historical pricing is based on a 30 day rolling period.
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