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    How To Start War Campaign Guide?

    So I've been using Zygor for the past several days to level an alt, and its been great. I'm currently in BfA and working towards unlocking World Quests, which apparently require setting up a foothold in each of the zones on Zandalar. I'm guessing this is the War Campaign segment of BfA.

    I looked through the various guides available in my Zygor addon, vr.7.0.22273, and the closest I can see to a "War Campaign" guide might be the Scouting Reports section. Is this correct?

    If so, there are 4 guides for Zuldazar, which one (if any) will setup a foothold so I can start working on Nazmir and Voldun?

    My current quests for Zuldazar are "Granting a Reprieve" and "Disarming the Cannons". Which of those quests are in which of the 4 Zuldazar guides (if any).

    Edit: I missed seeing the War Campaign link in the main BfA folder, I had thought it was just a tutorial type thing. Question now, will this allow me to setup a "foothold" in each zone? I'm trying to unlock access to World Quests.

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    Yes, the War Campaign guide will get you all setup with what you need.
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    Yea, I had a derp moment there, sorry. =)

    Its all good now!

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