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    Add-on only offered 1 recommendation of where to go and its not a good one, Badlands for mithril. The route it outlines on the map is small and not inclusive. The addon shows the number of ore and stone you gather and I thought that was helpful but noticed after mining some iron nodes that the add-on was counting heavy stone as solid stones so the counts were wrong. Not all that impressed. I only play classic and the add-on doesn't offer much and its buggy and doesn't function as intended for what it is supposed to do. I have to scan the AH manually everytime I visit to build a databased and that the AH tool recommends items to buy as investments for transmog. All the stuff I wanted this to make my playtime more efficient is just causing me more effort to sort out.

    Is there a way to fix this that I'm not seeing?

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    The farming routes are always just the one path. There are no other optional routes with our guides.

    The heavy stone being counted as solid stone is most likely a bug in item ID numbers. That is something we'll have to look at.

    Scanning the AH manually is due to Blizzard not adding classic servers to the AH API so the classic AH data can't be accessed from outside the game. To have the best trend data for the classic servers you want to scan the AH at least once per day and have a good 3 weeks of scans done to have more accurate suggestions. There is nothing we can do about this since it's Blizzard's decision to limit the access to the classic AH data.
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