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    March 22nd, 2009

    My card did not charge

    I got an email recently saying that my card was declined when attempting to renew my subscription. I moved recently and attempted to update my address and it apparently did not take.

    I now get an error that says my request has failed and no error attached. I attempted this with my cards and Paypal but I got the same error still.

    Zygor Issue.JPG

    I know my cards work, please help.

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    The system does not allow changing from credit cards to PayPal on an active subscription. If you would like to change over to PayPal then you'll want to clear your billing information and cancel the current subscription. That would then allow you to start a new subscription with the new payment method.
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    March 22nd, 2009
    I normally use my debit card for this, not a CC. I attempted to clear my billing data and it said billing updated but I am still being told that this is past due.

    edit: I just refreshed my screen and I am active again. Yays. Thank you very much.
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