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    Server Trends dont seem to up date for my server

    Hi, am confused how server trends work, this is how its setup, for some reason it won't update right as it says there 43 hours old if anyone you help p.s I get a message in windows 10 saying they been updated. but nothing seems to work
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    That is normal. There are 2 types of data that the client downloads: historical trend data and hourly scan data.

    The historical trend data (what you see in the chat window message) is updated every 2 days and contains the historical average pricing (highs, medians, and lows) for the items. This is a rolling 30 day average for the prices so does not need to be updated every day. You only have to worry about it being old if that trend data message in the chat window goes above the 48 hour mark by a good amount. Sometimes it's just a few hours over 48 for it to get updated depending on scans and processing times.

    The hourly scan data is just that. It is data that is downloaded every hour so that you do not have to scan the AH when you want to start working with the gold guide. It will use that hourly scan data to have a good idea of what's listed and what current prices are in order to show you suggestions. After you've added stuff to the shopping list when you select an item in the shopping list then it will do an in game scan for that one item to make sure it has the most current pricing to show you. This is what you will see with the Windows Notification message most of the time.
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    Right, thanks very much

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