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    I've also tried Dugi's which caused me to attempt quests 3-4 levels above my char. Without my Heirlooms I probably would not have been able to finish the quest. Leveling a lock to 66 and a warrior to 30(current project) with Zygor's guide, I have not experienced any of the problems with I had with Dugi's.

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    Great guide!

    I just wanted to say thanks for this awesome guide. I used it to level my Paladin, and currently am working on a druid. I had my Paladin from 45 (pre-guide) to 80 in about a week (only playing for a couple hours a night). This guide definitely makes a difference in the way you level your characters. If you are one of those people that wants to get to 80, then this guide definitely gets you there.

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    I realy like aspects of both guides.

    The things I like from Dugi's is the simple integration with the default UI. I don't run a lot of add-ons (jamba, tomtom, omnicc, and the guides) as I [mostly] like the default UI, allows me to easily go from computer to computer to play, and greatly reduces downtime on patch days.

    Zygor's guide has a nice viewer, but it's missing all of the integration into the new quest log and map which I much prefer.

    The major problem with the UI side of Dugi's is that it's hard for me to figure out which quests to accept and which to note.

    What would be really cool (to me at least) is if the Zygor guide looked like the default guide or if I could click on the quest I'm on and get the map to pop-up. I guess I should add this to the suggestions list.

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    I love Zygor's guides because it is simple, and most people can understand it. I tried Brian Kopp's guide for a while, and I did not like it. The customer support was terrible, and it was not updated. I looked at the forums and there were alot of threads suggesting Zygor's guides, so I looked here. You don't have to be a member to look at the forums, which is great, and it helped me value it. I bought the alliance guide, and it is going great. The customer support looks excellent, so if a problem occurs, it seems it will be solved in a matter of minutes.
    For the Horde guide, I use Joana's, but I don't know if it is better. I havn't seen any comments on the forum much, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me?

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    Welcome to the community hakomar,

    I personally have only ever tried Zygor's Guide when it comes to leveling. A lot of our members have compared it to Joana's however, and from what I've noticed, all of them suggested Zygor's Guide. They stated that Joana has some better path choices, however, the bugs and lack of customer support turned them to Zygor's Guide. I wish I could find a few of the posts to show you, but that's basically from memory of scanning threads :-).


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    I had used Joanna's before I found Zygor. Some of the paths are similar and some are different. I can say that by far Zygor was much easier to follow and I've never thought about going back.
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    Before i brought Zygor's guide did i use Joanas guide which is 1. expensive when think it's only a Horde version 2. the ingame mode is bad, but the papper version was ok. (My taste), but well I was happy enough for it, because i didn known about Zygor's guide back then, so i level alot of Char in TBC and used it also in Wrath, but then came the problem i need a Alliance Leveling guide, so i try look up google and there i found Zygor's guide, the video of the mod did seem pretty good, but wasn sure it was something for me, so i try ask my Alliance friend what he used and he told me he used Zygor's guide and show me Version 1 and must say it was pretty nice, so went home and brought Zygor's guide and it was even better than i have expect.
    Did also later try out Dugi's guide, but didn like it, because it didn say what to do.

    Well let's get to the point with this little story

    Zygor guide is the best guide i ever own, it not cost alot vs other Leveling guides like Joanas or dugi, the guides getting update regular, the guide is pretty simple to use and make you fell like you you auto pilot.

    When ppl ask about what leveling guide there is best does i always Zygor, because well it's the best leveling guide i have owned.

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    i tried dugis guide before and can only say that zygor is simplies to use and easier to follow

    only good think at dugis guides are the daily guides, but i hope zygor will make some also soon(tm) ;-)

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    I used to use "Jame's Leveling Guide TourGuide style", but the problem whid it was that then I switched to Zygor, Jame`s had not been updated for around 6mounths.
    I see they have updatet it now, by the way.
    To be a free guide, Jame`s is not that bad at all, but you always have an feeling youre testing an beta, because way different people that do the different parts (if I understands it right) and the quality controll is kinda left to the end users.

    One thing I kinda missing, Jame`s now and then remainds you to visit trainer, on my rouge whid zygors I forgot that for around 5-6 levels hehe.

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    I just purchased the guide a few days ago. I was wary of spending $90(got both guides) but heard good things on the web. I am very satisfied with the product. Good customization options. Overall the guide is very easy to use and accurate. There are a few times when I need to manually go to the next quest, but not often.

    I would agree with the previous post, I would like to see something included to remind you to visit a trainer. Not sure how it would be implemented but it would be nice. I usually take the time out to do that, since those updates can help quite a bit.

    I have also been looking though the forums and am impressed at the quick response to issues and quest updates. To me that is one of the best features for a product like this. I highly recommend it.

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