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    Customers who purchased World of Warcraft on day 1 paid $50.00, but if you buy it now you pay $20.00.
    Just to be fair, you could've purchased the WHOLE SERIES all the way up to Cata for 15 bucks the other day, no idea if that is still going on or not...

    With that being said, I think it's completely fair for ZygorCo. to be charging a premium price for the new "Cata leveling guide". Reason being is yes.. it's still a "leveling guide" as some of you are seeing it and you should just be able to "update" your leveling guide, but it's for CATACLYSM. A whole "new game" per say. If the guide was an update for something you've already purchased, it would be free. Think people... Think!!

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    having used several of Zygor's comprtition's guides, i feel the price is a steal. they don't compare at all. i just lvl'd my 80 toon to 85 in about 32 hours with no stress and even watched some tv! lol. i have 4 others to lvl now....this guide will make it a breeze. thx Zygor!

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