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    Jumping over steps

    I have a problem with my ZG jumping steps, and I miss things, I have found that I need to watch it very carefully to make sure I dont miss quests or turn ins. I see no pattern to it, sometimes it just jumps as many as 6 steps, and Im on the level that it says Im suppose to be on. I am also on the latest version, I always update before starting my game. so last update was about 1 hour ago,

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    Yes we are trying to find out why it does this for some people and not others with the SIS completely disabled.
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    If you need anything at all from me, will be happy to help you all I can. Chuck @ or call me at *removed*, ready willing and able.
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    I removed your phone number. While we appreciate your offer of help, we would rather that you not post too much in the way of personal information. This is for your own protection as anyone can read these forums.
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