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How To Use The Web Guides

Our online web guides walk you step by step through leveling your characters to max level in World of Warcraft: Classic. Each step will provide instructions on what you need to do, what NPC's to talk to, what quests to accept or turnin, where you need to go to complete objectives, how to complete those objectives, and more, in the most effecient order and manner possible.

Map Preview

Each instruction that must be completed at a specific displays two buttons.

  • The first "pin" shaped button will mark the spot for that instruction on the map displayed on the right side of the page. You can then use the in-game maps to match things up and find these same places.
  • The second button found next to the "pin" button automatically copies a waypoint to that location to your clipboard. Clicking this will auto copy the coordinates to that location in a format ready to be used with out in-game guides. To understand how this works we must first briefly go over the difference between the Web Guides and Zygor's In-Game Guides.

In-Game Guides

In addition to the free web guides, we also offer a fully in-game version of these same guides that include a Guide Viewer to view the steps inside the game and a 3D waypoint arrow to point you where to go all without ever having to alt-tab or leave the game. The in-game Waypoint Arrow also has a built in Travel System that can dynamically generate directions to get you to the zone the step takes place in, using every available method, including flight paths, portals, and hearthstones. The in-game version of Zygor Guides include Leveling Guides for WoW Classic and a full suite of guides for the 1-120 experience on the live BFA servers.

Even if you're not ready to make the upgrade to Elite you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the in-game guides. We offer a Free Trial which allows you to access the full Guide Viewer and 3D waypoint arrow features and a small sample of guides. However, you can also use the trial version to create your own waypoints for the web guides. The guide supports the use of a special "/zygor way" command that you can type into the chat and press enter to set the Waypoint Arrow whereever you like. Coordinates use a format of "Map Name x,xx,y,yy" to pin point a location in the game.

/zygor way Elwynn Forest 48.17,42.95

This lets you make custom waypoints and enjoy the benefits of the Waypoint Arrow and Travel System to take you there.

Web Guide / In Game Guide Compatibility

So using the free trial you can click the copy/paste buttons on any step and then paste the results into the in-game chat to have the 3D Waypoint Arrow direct you where to go.

Travel Lines

The guides also include special instructions for harder to reach places, like when you need to go through a doorway to access a building, or go through the entrance of a cave. We call these extra directions "travel lines". If you prefer not to use these, you can hide them using the options on the right side of the screen under the map.

To access the free trial sign up for a basic account, or log in, if you already have an account.


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