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How To Use Zygor’s Web Guides for WoW Classic

Use our web guides together with our waypoint arrow addon to get in-game navigation.
Available for free with a Zygor Basic account.

Create a Zygor Basic Account

Basic Guide Use

Before starting, make sure the guide settings for Race, Class, and Level are set correctly for your character.

The left side of the page shows the guide steps telling you what to do, while the right side displays a Map Preview showing you where to go.

  • Every step that must be done at a specific location will have a "pin" button that when clicked will update the Map Preview with a marker at the exact spot you need to go to. You can then reference the in-game map to line things up and find that location.

When you complete all the goals in the step, click "Mark step as completed" and move on to the next step.

This is the most basic way to use the guides, but if you sign up for a Zygor Basic account you can install our free Zygor Guide Viewer and get an even better guided experience. See the section below for more info.

Using Zygor's Free Guide Viewer Together With The Web Guides


If you sign up for a free Zygor Basic account you can download our Zygor Guide Viewer addon and use its 3D Arrow feature together with the web guides to find things even easier in the game.

After creating your account, install the Zygor Guide Viewer addon with the Zygor Guides Client and enter the game.

  • Now you can use the "copy" buttons to automatically copy coordinates to the location of things right to your clipboard. Switch back to the game, paste (Ctrl+V) the copied coordinates to the chat, then press “Enter”. The 3D Waypoint Arrow will update and point you right to that location.

If you aren’t already close to the location, the built in Travel System (which works like a WoW GPS) will generate directions on the fly for the best way to get there, using all available methods including flight masters, mounts, portals, and more.

How Do The Web Guides Differ From Zygor Elite Guides?

The web guides are our full 1-60 Leveling guides for WoW Classic. The main limitation is that they are web based and you have to copy / paste coordinates into the game for every step.

If you’d like to have the entire guide and all coordinates in game without ever having to copy / paste you can upgrade to Zygor Elite and get our fully in-game guides. The in-game guides also have way more features than is even possible with web guides. We include several free samples of these guides with the Zygor Basic addon if you’d like to try them out first.