March 30th, 2017

Version: 6.1.15618


* Updated Map foglight for Patch 7.2


[B] Fixed a few errors in the Legion raid guides.

Version: 6.1.15594


[B] Pandaren (1-12)" - Removed the quests "An Old Pit Fighter" and "Hellscream's Gift" from the Pandaren Starting Guide.

World Quests:

[B] Added several missing Legion World Quests
[B] Added several new Patch 7.2 World Quests
[B] Fixed "World Quests" Daily Guide Both Fixed bad accept coordinates for Wanted: Syphonus


[B] Fixed a few more minor issues in the older dungeon guides.


Fix: Gold Guides list no longer twitches when sorting or scrolling. (Sorting routine tightened to prevent undefined comparison results.) Fix: Pressing Shift when mousing over Gold Guide rows will properly display a tooltip immediately. Fix:...
Fix: GG farming routes no longer show up if non-profitable or unavailable.


[B] Added several new Patch 7.2 pets:
Dutiful Gruntling, Dutiful Squire, Igneous Flameling, Infinite Hatchling, Knight-Captain Murky, Legionnaire Murky, Mischief, Noblegarden bunny


[A] Added - The Crumble Bundle Achievement
[A]- Pay to Slay Achievement, Alliance + Updated - It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone Achievement, Alliance + Updated - The Mogu Have Gotta Go-Gu Achievement, Alliance
[H] Fixed - Loremaster of Kalimdor Error with Felwood


Compatibility update for Patch 7.2
Travel System Inns renamed: Tanaris: Gadgetzan Inn renamed to "Road Warrior". Zangarmarsh: Cenarion Refuge renamed to "Firefly Tavern".
Option to accept "All quests" (not just quite quests) reinstated under Options / Enhancements.
Fix for Map Preview - Properly restore map settings when exiting and reentering dungeon with map visible in zygor mode.
Fix set correct class/spec for display when switching profiles

Version: 6.1.15476


[B] Order Hall - Fixed an issue with one of the turnin cords for the Druid Order Hall guide.


[B] Brawlers Guild - Put in the correct minimum dps for the 2nd to last fight in the Brawlers guild.


[B] Added additional World Quest guides.


[B] Added guides for the following Titles: Archdruid, Archmage, Battlelord, Deathlord, Farseer, Grandmaster, Guardian of G'Hanir, The Gullible, High Priest, Highlord, Huntmaster, Netherlord, and Shadowblade.


[B] Added fully polished Legion Achievement guides.

Version: 6.1.15434


* Fixed an error when hiding dungeon popups
* Auction tools: Fixed stack size/count not updating after partial sells
* Auction tools: Fixed bid/buyout not showing proper text (unit/stack) on startup
* Auction tools: Fix for pets in auction list tooltip error
* Goldguide: Added tooltip to return to menu button
* Ants fixed on dungeon maps AND possibly on phased maps, too.
* Map dots will again float on minimap edge.


[B] - Additional world quests added.


[B] - Ongoing updates to the Dungeon guides to make them work better with the lack of arrow and new Map Preview and Guide Tip Sharing features.


[B] Added this weeks archaeology quest.
[B] Started adding in the missing quests for the Archaeology quests guide for Legion.
[B] Leatherworking - Added extra lines to certain steps making it clearer that the player needed to actually talk and choose a dialogue option on certain steps that just said "watch the cutscene", which gave the impression that the cutscene would just start without interaction.
[H] Added a number count to the step to create Stonehide Leather Strip so that it would wait for 5 to be collected before skipping to the next step.
[H] Added an extra travel line to help players be able to see where the "Grapple Point" was, as it was not very obvious before.
[A] Removed a duplicate step that had you train Artisan Leatherworking.
[B] Added a number count to the step to create Stonehide Leather Strip so that it would wait for 5 to be collected before skipping to the next step.
[B] Added an extra travel line to help players be able to see where the "Grapple Point" was, as it was not very obvious before.


[B] Battle Pets, Hunter Pets, and Mounts polished and moved from beta to live release.

Version: 6.1.15373


* What's New Home menu updated.
* Banner image updated.

Version: 6.1.15371


* Fixed issues that could cause pois to disappear when switching maps
* Fixed issues that could cause pois not to disappear when completed


[B] Additional World Quests added.


[B] Love Is In The Air updated for the 2017 version of the event.


* Fixed duplicated lines in Gold Guide Menu tooltips.

Version: 6.1.15342


* Bug report function fixed.
* Detailed reputation gains" option restored.


[B] Treasures and rare spawn POI's added for all Legion zones.

Version: 6.1.15336


* Map Preview - Due to Blizzard disabling the ability to detect player location in dungeons the arrow now gets replaced with a map icon that when clicked will open a special version of the map that allows you to see your characters position, waypoint makers to guide locations, and ant trails for navigation. This map can be fully customized to your liking under Options / Navigation - Map Preview section.

* Guide Tip Sharing - You can now share the dungeon guide tips and strategies with the members of your group/party to make sure everyone knows what to do. You can so this by shift clicking individual lines or right clicking and selecting "Share this steps tips". You can also configure which channel to send tips to in the right click menu.

* General fixes and improvements across guides.
* Improvements to the Travel System for connections and hearthstone detection.
* Creature Detector: Fixed mounts and companion pets detection


[B] - Additional world quests added.


[B] - Ongoing updates to the Dungeon guides to make them work better with the lack of arrow and new Map Preview and Guide Tip Sharing features.


[B] - Updated Brawlers Guild Guide.


[B] Updated the Mushan Beast telling players that it is no longer available to obtain.
[B] Added the new brawlers guild pet: Tylarr Gronnden
[B] Added the new Brawlers guild mount: Brawler's Burly Basilisk


[B] New Legion achievements added.
[B] Added the Steelbound Devourer mount

Version: 6.1.15317


[H] Lunar Festival - Fixed a coordinate issue with the Horde Elder Guide
[B] Lunar Festival - Updated the Elder Path

Version: 6.1.15284


[B] Added a new section to the Leveling Guides explaining how to use the Leveling guides to earn Loremaster.


[B] Updated the Lunar Festival event


[A] Tightened up 2 skinning paths in the Outland section of the Skinning Leveling guide.

Version: 6.1.15219


* Updated item weights for all classes and specs for Patch 7.1.5.


* Updated talent builds for all classes and specs for Patch 7.1.5.


* Changed the hearthstone inn name for "Trading Posting" in Draenor Nagrand to "Telaari Station".


[H] Changed the Stormwind location to the Orgrimmar location for the AH on one of the rogue Order Hall quests.
[H] Added a AH location to one of the Hunter Order Hall quests.
[B] Added a demon hunter only tag to the Deadlier Warglaives quest step.


[B] Added the following World Quests:

DANGER: Deepclaw
Flourishing Aethril

Gemcutter Needed

Gemcutter Needed
Rough Leystone Outcropping
Shaggy Saber Hide
Wispy Foxflower
Felhide (41561)
Felwort (41512)
Lively Highmountain Salmon

Starlight Rose Cluster
Like the Wind


[B] Updates to Classic dungeons in response to Blizzard disabling Waypoint Arrows in them. Better pathing directions being added in to navigate players via text.


[B] Fixed the Netherwing Egg Guide so that the waypoints show up correctly.

Version: 6.1.15200


* Enhanced support with World Quest Tracker addon.
Note: If a quest is already being tracked in WQT and you click the icon to load the guide for it the first click will actually remove it from WQT and not jump to the guide. You will need to click the icon a second time to re-add it to WQT and load the guide.


[B] - Added in the Heros call/warchiefs quest for swamp of sorrows into the swamp of sorrows guide, and removed the turnin for "Not Fireflies, Flameflies" as it is turned in already in a previous guide for Horde.


[B] - Additional world quests added.


[B] Updates to Classic dungeons in response to Blizzard disabling Waypoint Arrows in them. Better pathing directions being added in to navigate players via text.


* Additional options added for Guide Viewer, Waypoint Arrow, and text sizing.

January 5th, 2017

Version: 6.1.15186
* Fixed an issue that was preventing the Obliterum Forge Questline guide from loading.

January 3rd, 2017

Version: 6.1.15172
[H] Fixed a quest id in the rogue class hall guide.
[B] Moved the quest "Deadlier Warglaives" to be positioned after completing the quest "Fire!"
[B] Fixed bad coordinates for the Light's Heart object in the Trueshot Lodge.

[B] New World Quests added.
[B] Fixed a count issue with the world quest "Watery Graves"
[A] Added tips to the rest of the Barrel O Mugs world quests that were missing their descriptions.

[B] Fixed a small typo in the Enchanting professions leveling guides.
[B] Added "Obliterum Forge Questline"
[B] Updated the 1-700 Herbalism profession guide removing the step to collect Frozen Herb. Changed the location and what to gather to get to skill level 215.
[B] Added a tip instructing users to progress through the leveling guides for each recipe, as they can no longer be purchased from Nomi.

[B] Updated the pet Tranquil Mechanical yeti, informing players that the recipe to make this pet is no longer obtainable in the game.
[B] Updated the Model IDs for the legion mounts section to properly display the correct model for each mount.

ItemScore: Prevent errors when unknown item effect was only partially parsed
Removed a debug message in AceConfigDialog.
Band-aided a "SetWidth" error in AceConfigDialog appearing in other addons using the Ace libs.
Pointer: Updated arrow menu to use new settings
Options: Restored option to disable ant trails. Restored auction tools default tab option and auction and mail tools hidden item reset buttons. Restored option to disable ant trails.
Added limited compatibility with third party addon WorldQuestTracker.

December 20th, 2016

Version: 6.1.15144
Fix: custom Ace libraries have been made local to Zygor. No more Ace lib conflicts should occur.

Version: 6.1.15137
[B] Added new quests to Suramar guide for Insurrection questline.

[B] Updated Champions of Highmountain world quest due to game changes.

[B] "All Toys" Achievement - Fixed a bad map name causing "no valid steps" error.

[B] Fixed the location to obtain the Garn Nighthowl

* Added NPC's for localization.
* (Travel) Added Teloth'aran Suramar cave entrance to travel system.
* Pointer: Updated arrow menu to use new settings
* Navigation: Added option to disable ant trails

December 19th, 2016

Version: 6.1.15131
Fix: an addon conflict and a leftover debug message were resolved in our custom Ace libraries.

Version: 6.1.15130
ItemScore: Prevent errors when unknown item effect was only partially parsed.

December 16th, 2016

Version: 6.1.15119
[B] Updated Winter Veil - Updated quests, dailies, and achievements for the 2016 version of the event.

Version: 6.1.15114
* Fix for banner image in What's New section

Version: 6.0.15113
Version 6.1 Release

* Completely rebuilt guide menu.
* Options simplified, reorganized, and integrated into guide menu.

December 14th, 2016

Version: 6.0.15102
[H] Suramar - Fixed a few issues in the Insurrection quest line.
[B] Added tips for NPCs that need to be fed.

[B] Fixed some exploration guides objective numbers.
[B] Fixed a small issue with the legion exploration guide directing players to the wrong area for Trueshot Lodge.

December 13th, 2016

Version: 6.0.15096
[B] Suramar - Added new quests for Insurrection Week 8.

ItemScore: Fixed caged pets preventing autoequip from suggesting upgrades.

December 8th, 2016

Version: 6.0.15070
[B] Suramar Insurrection - Updated Suramar guides for Insurrection Week 7.

[B] Death Knight - Added a tip indicating that a relog may be required to accept the quest "The Fourth Horseman."
[B] Rogue - Updated some coordinates in the guide.

[B] Azsuna: Added Helarjar Landing: Grey Shoals, Work Study: Bestiaries of Azsuna
[B] Suramar: Added Na'zak the Fiend

[H] BRD - Updated the Detention Block BRD guide to properly show the horde npc and quests in the steps.

[B] Grove Warden - Updated the guide telling players that it is no longer obtainable.

[B] Field Photographer - Updated the achievement ID numbers.
[B] Updated the Cataclysmically Delicious achievement adding in an either or to obtaining Blood Shrimp.
[B] Fixed Incorrect Achievement ID for Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Goblins Achievement, Both

* (Travel) Added portals to and from Astravar Harbor in Suramar to Travel System.
* GearFinder: Fix for classic dungeons quest gear being suggested for incorrect classes

December 2nd, 2016

Version: 6.0.15057
* [H] Fixed a small error in the Suramar guide.

Version: 6.0.15056
[H] Insurrection Week 5 - Updated this part of the guide to correctly show the Horde version of the quests.

[B] World Quests - Revised the travel steps of the world quest "WANTED: Ormagrogg" to improve efficiency.
[B] World Quests - Added additional quests: Dalaran: "Fight Night: Sir Galveston" and
Highmountain: "DANGER: Ormagrogg"

* Reworking separated LFR wings into single combined guides.

[B] Reorganized all of the "Glory of the" under the Dungeon & Raids category.

November 30th, 2016

Version: 6.0.15045
[B] Polished week 5 Suramar Insurrection questline steps in Suramar guide.
[B] Added week 6 Suramar Insurrection questline steps to Suramar guide.
[A] Zangarmarsh - Fixed a small typo in the Zangarmarsh Alliance leveling guide.
[B] Val'sharah - Switched steps 99 and 100 in the guide. Now you don't have to run past the flight path to pick up a quest, then run all the way back to get the flight path.
[B] Order Halls - Various fixes to select order halls guides.
[B] World Quests - Added additional quests.
[H] Legion Intro and Artifacts - Corrected a quest objective number.

[B] Volatile Fire - Corrected the NPC's listed for farming.
[B] Shal'dorei Silk - Moved the farming spot to Highmountain.

[A] Engineering 1-600 - Changed a step to direct players to the main city anvil instead of the Shattrath city anvil, to match the following step.

November 23rd, 2016

Version: 6.0.15019
[H] Suramar - Changed a few quests for the Horde side for this weeks Insurrection quest line.

November 22nd, 2016

Version: 6.0.15015
[B] Suramar - Extended Insurrection quest line for week 5.

[B] Return to Karazhan - Added Karazhan attunement and dungeon guide.

November 21st, 2016

Version: 6.0.15011
[B] Additional World Quests added.

[B] Pilgrim's Bounty: Updated for the 2016 version of the event.

Fixed: Rare bug breaking Gear Advisor on a fresh setup.
Fixed: When completing a goal to which the direction arrow is pointing, the arrow will now properly point to the next one.

Proceed to: version 6.0.14964 and older