Pet & Mount Guides

Gain New & Cute Companions

There are over 100 vanity pets in World of Warcraft and they all want to go home with you! You will have guides to get any pet of any type that you desire, including Achievement, Mechanical, Vendor, and Seasonal pets.

With your Zygor Pets & Mounts Guide, you'll be able to gather an army of the cutest and cuddliest creatures to be at your side and to suit any of your moods!

Ride Around in Style

Have you ever been in the middle of major city in World of Warcraft, only to scan the area and have your eyes fix on the lone player slowly trotting along on their ultra-rare mount, boasting with pride while everyone aroun them gawks with jealously?

With your Zygor Pets & Mounts Guide, that can be you! It will easier than ever to obtain the most sought after mounts in the game with your guide pointing you everywhere you need to go and telling you exactly what to do.

Become a Pet Battling Pro

With our Pet Battle HUD, all the information about your opponent's pets will be readily available for you to pick the best strategy against them.

You will never again have to envy another player's pet or mount, either - the Creature Detector allows you to quickly load a guide for obtaining any pet or mount you click on.

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