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Dailies and Reputation guide
World of Warcraft
Dailies and Reputation
Platform: PC/Mac
Dailies and Reputation guide

Zygor's Dailies and Reputation guide is perfect for players who have reached max level and are looking to dive head first into the end game content. World Quests and Dailies are quests you can repeat every day which allow you to earn order resources, artifact power, reputation, special items, and more. Reputations are your current standing with the many factions in the game and our guide will show you the easiest way to become Exalted with all of them.

Unlock The Full Experience Of The End Game.

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Get more out of the game.

The fun doesn't end once you reach level 110, but finding more content to do or how to unlock it isn't always straightforward. Zygor makes it easy to find World Quests and Dailies hubs and what pre-requisties you have to complete to unlock them.

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Win over the citizens of Azeroth.

Discover the fastest way to go from Neutral to Exalted status by using our complete walkthroughs that take you through all the best reputation gaining quests and side activities.

Earn better, more unique rewards.

Our Dailies guides are optimized to get you through every quest with speed and effeciency as well as earn you unique gear, pets, mounts, achievements, and gold in the process.

Participate in seasonal events.

Our Event guides will make sure you complete everything there is to do before each event ends so you won't have to wait another whole year for the event to repeat.

Guide Content Overview

New in Legion:

In the Legion continent of the Broken Isles Blizzard has done away with traditional dailies and replaced them with World Quests. We include World Quests for all the Broken Isle Zones including Aszuna, Val'sharah, Highmountain, Stormheim, and Suramar.

Five Expansions of Dailies:

Includes extensive coverage of classic dailies in Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor which includes guides for the Netherwing Drake mount, the Argent Tournament, Firelands), Timeless Isle, and Tanaan Jungle.

12 months of Seasonal Events:

The full years worth of seasonal events are covered which includes Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, Noblegarden, Children's Week, Midsummer Fire Festival, Pirates Day, Harvest Festival, Brewfest, Hallow's End, Day of the Dead, Pilgrim's Bounty, Feast of Winter Veil, and New Year.

Darkmoon Faire and Brawlers Guild:

We've created extensive guides for the large monthly event known as the Darkmoon Faire. We'll show you the best way to earn tickets fast so you can purchase any prizes you want.

Legion Reputations:

New Reputation Guides added for Legion: Court of Farondis, Dreamweavers, Highmountain Tribe, Valarjar, and The Nightfallen.

Classic Reputations:

Classic reputations from past expansions covered as well: Home Cities Reputations, The Aldor/The Scryers, Shattered Sun Offensive, The Sons of Hodir, The Oracles/The Frenzyheart Tribe, The Flamebreaker, Frostwolf Orcs, Vol'Jin's Headhunters, and many more.

Key Features:

Points of Interest

Dynamic Adaption.

Zygor's Dailies and Events guide is able to detect which quests you pick up and dynamically routes you to the parts of the guide that cover those quests. For World Quests, these appear as icons on your map that you can click to load the guide for each World Quest. Dailies are often random, and the guide will detect which quests are available and dynamically route you to each objective.

Multiple Ways To Earn Reputation.

Many reputations can be earned quickly by putting on a tabard and running dungeons, but this method can be tedious and boring. When possible, our guide gives you alternative options such as completing quests or other tasks, if you prefer a less grindy way to raise your rep.

Unlock The Year Long Achievement.

We include everything needed to unlock the "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" achievement that rewards you with the coveted Violet Proto-Drake flying mount for participating in all major events for the year.

Updated monthly with new events.

We make sure our guides are always updated within the first day new events go live so you never have to worry about the guides being current with the latest content.