I just bought the dailies and events and I am a lot less than impressed with it.

Many of the things that relate to cooking and fishing are listed in various sections of the achievements guide, but do not have the corresponding entries in the dallies guide.

I have been really impressed with the leveling and profession guides I have previously purchased, but I have to say that I am really disappointed with the dallies guide.

I believe there is a LOT of work that still needs to go into that guide.

Also, I believe that a dallies guide *should* include dallies that need to be done for different faires, festivals, etc. that are currently going on. That is to say, that any NPC that has a blue exclamation mark (especially in Stormwood, Ironforge, and the other major cities) should be included in the dallies guide.

In a related thought... all guides should tell you what level your character needs to be, or looks at your character and tells you that you need be a higher level before leading you on a chase that you will be unable to complete due to being too low a level (or not having a flying mount).

Thanks for letting me vent.