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    about netherwing's egg hunt

    I know I am slow on getting netherwing rep now lol but better late than never.
    my problem with the netherwing's egg hunting guide is when i follow the guide and walk further into the cave, the steps' on the guide will automatically skips itself and leads me to somewhere else. is this normal? i have to search the cave by myself?


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    That doesn't sound like it's acting right. If you hold the Ctrl + Alt keys and step back after it skips stuff, what steps does it skip? Or does it just advance to the next step to go somewhere else once you get so far into the cave?
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    Nether wing eggs in cave

    I experienced the same thing. Unlike the outside egg spawns, the guide only identifies a few egg spawns in the cave. I just had to learn my own rotation. I frequently found eggs sitting in random places without any guide help.

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    yep i had the same problem while i was doing this rep grind. on step 7 in would start skipping. If you found a egg on anyohter step it would start skipping also. As soon as i entered the cave it would skip steps also. very anoying if you like to follow the flight path.

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    Exclamation egg hunt guide gone crazy

    Yep my egg hunting guide just goes crazy skipping steps... I used it for another toon months ago and it worked perfectly. Now it just kinda goes crazy.. It is definatley a bug that needs fixed.

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