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    Unable to enter Vale of Eternal Blossoms

    Just completed the Towlong Stepped guide and now on step 1 of the Dread Wastes guide which wants me to go see Bowmistress Li in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
    I followed the arrow to 63,11 and it then sends me to 75,21 with the instruction "click on the rope swing to vale of eternal blossoms".
    I looked for ages and by chance finally found the rope on the floor about 20 feet away. Very hard to see it and not obvious at all - was about ready to throw in the towel and go grind or something.
    The coords of the rope are 75,21 but not where the arrow takes you. As I said, it's about 20 feet out. Maybe you could amend the arrow instruction to something like "click on the rope on the floor, and swing to vale of eternal blossoms".
    Would have saved me and hopefully many others wasting the best part of half an hour.

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    I had the exact same problem, till I saw someone come down the rope and found it. Was a pain and wasted some time looking for it. needs a better description of what to look for. I was looking for a rope on the wall or in a tree near coordinates. Liking the new guide but that one part was a problem.

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    Sorry about the confusion. We will try to get these coords closer to the actual rope. That is also a good suggestion updating the message. You should see these changes in the next build.

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    Glad I'm not the only one having the issue. Started thinking I was being an idiot after managing to traverse the whole insect army
    Good to see action on it too
    At least I found it and got to level 90 last night.

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    This should be improved as of the latest update.
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    One more thing about this part is that once you get up there it does not tell to how to get down (I just jumped off after looking for a bit for a way down). May want to add a clue for that also.

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    Damn, couldn't find the rope so got myself out of there. Time to head back and do the long walk...

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    Just found out after doing it that I could have just walked through the gate I unlocked in a previous quest (Kun-Lai Summit).

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    Is that an Eve avatar?
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    Is that an Eve avatar?
    I do apologise, I don't have a WOW one on my drive yet

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