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    Windwalker Monk 2H vs. 2 x 1H


    How does the gear guide compare 2-handed vs. 2 x 1-handed?

    It seems like it prefers 2-handed, even though i have 2 1-handed weapons, and even only one of them is higher dps than the 2-handed.

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    This actually just got changed so hopefully with version 5579+ it should work like this.

    If you have no weapon, then it going to prefer a 2h unless you have a stronger 1h then it could try to dual wield.

    If you have 2 1hs equipped, it should respect that choice and only suggest 1h weapons to be equipped.

    If you have 1 1h equipped, it should look for something to dual wield first and if it can't find anything then it would suggest a 2h if it is stronger than the 1h.

    If you are using a 2h then it should only suggest 2h's unless you have a stronger main hand weapon available.

    Let me know how it is working for you so I can either explain what is happening for you or fix something if their is an issue.

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    Thanks for the explanation. I have a 2-handed equiped and in my inventory I have 2 one-handed weapons (none of them are main-hand, both are one-handed). They both have better dps than the 2-handed, but it does not suggest switching. Is that because none of the 2 weapons are main-hand?

    When I switch to one of the one-handed it works fine and suggests to dual-wield the other one. You said it will respect my choice of 2 1h weapons, but that is not my choice. I just want the best option, so if at some point I get a 2h that is better than the dual-wielding ones, then I want to switch.

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    Comparing 2 1h against a single 2h is very difficult when it comes to dual wielding. Where you can do it easily by testing both and then seeing which one produces the higher dps in your character panel, trying to figure out that formula so that the system can know which is better without equipping both is not simple.

    We are able to do it for casters because a 1h+oh or a staff is easier but we are still working on the best way to do it for dual wielding.

    Also from what I know, using a 2h or 2 1handers is largely personal preference. Some people like the slower attacks that hit like a tank, while others want to hit the enemy as quickly as possible. So until we can perfect a way to choose the one that will output the most damage, we want to let the user choose the style and then just choose the best weapons for their selected style.

    As for why neither of your 1h's got suggested over the 2h even though they had higher dps. It is likely because the stats on the 2h are higher than either 1h and the extra stats make up for the slight loss in dps. It doesn't matter if the weapon is One-hand or Main-hand, they are both treated the same except that One-hand can also be put in the Off-hand while Main-hand can only go in the main-hand.

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