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    Smart Injection for ESO Guides?

    I'm looking at the ESO guides and wondering if they also have the smart injection feature, or is that only for WOW?

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    Currently it is only in our WoW guides. The actual Elder Scrolls Online game is a bit more limited on what addons like our guides can do. For example, the game doesn't allow us to see a players quest history, which is a vital component of the Smart Injection System. As a result, we're trying to find other ways to work around this and create a guide sync feature. We have some ideas and if all goes well we should have a SIS-like feature in soon.
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    wish I had known they weren't working

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    no wonder i'm lost it does not go green for any quests I have done only way shrines and paths

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    I agree, this product is pretty worthless. I'd actually like a refund, but doubt that will happen.

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    We should have a system released to help with the SIS aspect shortly. Also a lot of problems can currently be fixed by re-installing the guides and getting fresh files. If you still feel there is a need for a refund then send in the request to [email protected].
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