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    Leveling Guide suggestion

    I play a lot of Blood Elves.

    I find that I can get to level 16 quite easily without leaving Eversong Woods and doing every quest in the guide there.

    Why is it that every time I get to the end of the Eversong Woods guide it always suggests that I go to Silverpine Forest? The guide never suggests Ghostlands, which is a viable zone to at least level 20.

    You do not even have to go through all that traveling to get to a new zone.

    Just asking why.

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    We suggest going to Silverpine Forest because it's easy to get there with the portal to Undercity and there is a natural leveling zone progression following Silverpine Forest. There is no natural zone progression after Ghostlands, that zone is just story flavor for the Blood Elf race.
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    I thought maybe it might have been something like that, maybe Blizzard just created Ghostlands to fill up the space.

    It is a very strange zone indeed.

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